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L`Oreal Professionnel Majirel Majirouge Carmilane 6.66 Blonde Dark Red 50ml

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Majirouge for intense red color.

Majirel, the rich & permanent hair color providing perfect coverage of up to 100% of grey hair.




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Dare Majriouge, the best red hair color for intense, uniform and long-lasting result on red hair.

Achieve your perfect colour, from bright red hair to bright reddish gold - and everything in between.

This permanent red hair dye is exclusively used in your L'Oréal Professionnel salon.

Selected shades contain Rubilane and DM5 technology for pure, vibrant and intense red and copper shades.


✓ Perfect coverage of up to 100% white hair.


✓  Permanent colour.

✓  High-resistance colour under harsh circumstances, with superior resistance to fading.

✓ Rich, deep, intense color.


✓ Up to 3 levels.


✓ 35 minutes.

Depending on the service provided by your professional hairdresser total service time may vary.


Wear suitable disposable gloves.

Do not use metal tools (tweezers, bowls, etc.).

Only use Oxydant oxidizing creams, up to 30 degrees (9%)

Observe the recommended proportions.

You can prepare the mixture in a shaker or bowl.

Mix until a thick cream is formed.

If a shaker is used, open the lid immediately after mixing to prevent the product from splashing.

Apply plenty of blend to the roots to fully cover the white hair.

During the residence time, the mixture changes color. This phenomenon has no effect on the effect of the paint.


1. Mixture: 1 + 1.5

The Majirel dye is used in a 50ml mixing tube with 75ml of Oxydant 20 ° C (6%) oxidant cream for 2 tonnes clearance.

For a 3 tonne extract, use Oxydant 30 degree oxidizing cream (9%).

2. Apply and rinse to maintain colo

Apply the mixture with a brush to dry and tanned hair.

Start the application from the roots.

Total paint residence time: 35 minutes.

Apply to lengths and edges (always adding a small amount of lukewarm water, about 5ml to the remaining mixture).

If the color at the lengths and edges is slightly distorted (well-preserved color), apply to the lengths and edges 5 minutes before the expiry date.

If the color at the lengths and edges is moderately altered (faded shades), apply after 20 minutes of residence time and allow for 15 minutes.

If the color at the lengths and edges is very distorted (loss of reflection up to 1 ton lighter), apply immediately.

After the residence time, carefully emulsify.

Rinse hair thoroughly until water is clear.

Wash your hair with shampoo, especially for dyed hair.

3. Coverage

- Majirel covers 100% white hair.

- 0% - 50% white hair: apply the color you want.

- 50% - 100% white hair: blend the color you want 1/2 + 1/2 with a basic shade or a basic shade (.3) or a basic natural shade (.03) Majirel tone and oxidizing cream 20 points (6%).


1. First dye or root appearance

Start the application from the lengths and edges.

Allow 15 minutes.

Then apply to the roots and allow 35 minutes.

2. Faded or very open lengths and edges or with a tendency to discard color

Up to 1 ton difference between the shade remaining at the lengths and edges and the shade you want, follow Basic Rule 2.

2 to 3 tones difference between the color remaining at the lengths and edges and the color you want, enhance the color.

Apply the shade you want to the roots.

Add 3 to 6cm of warm tint or darker Majirel to the rest of the mixture and a small amount of lukewarm water.

Apply to lengths and edges.


Allow 35 minutes.

3. Very dark or very loaded lengths and edges

- To eliminate a shade or erase an incompatible shade, up to 1 tonne difference between the shade remaining at the lengths and edges and the shade you want, erase using Efassor with water.

- To clear a darker shade and be able to use a lighter shade, more than 1 tonne difference between the shade remaining at the lengths and edges and the shade you want, cleanse using Efassor with Oxydant 20-degree oxidizing cream (6%) ) or 30 points (9%).


IMPORTANT: Hair dyes can cause allergic reactions.

Therefore, before any application of this product, an allergy warning test is necessary.

Follow the instructions in the leaflet carefully.

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