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Spell : From women ... to women!

Spell is a company created by women for women!

We believe that every woman can be beautiful in whatever role she has chosen for her life. And surely we all know that our roles are many, whether we have chosen to take care of our children exclusively or to pursue professional ambitions, or even both. Our products address and support all women.

Women mothers, women engineers, women doctors, women athletes, women with all their options. But many times we sacrifice our beauty, either because of lack of time or because we worry that a good look can overshadow our abilities.

That is why at Spell we have chosen to offer nail care products that take care of our nails and enhance the image of our hands. We decided to take care of our hands, as with our hands we touch, embrace, feel and sign important changes. At Spell, we believe that every woman can be beautiful without having to burden herself with loads of chemicals, which is why our nail polishes contain 10 fewer dangerous chemicals so they can be used by all women.

We are proud of our products as we offer nail colors and treatments with 10 less toxic ingredients and an acetone-free nail polish remover that removes color without dehydrating the nail and skin and is enriched with vitamin E and natural lemon oil. We take care of your nails by making them stronger and ensuring shine free from harmful ingredients, which are contained in the usual nail polishes on the market. In addition, Spell's nail care and strengthening products last longer, are easy to apply thanks to their brush, are not tested on animals, with respect for the health of every woman.

Our products were designed with love for women and passion for beauty, with fewer harmful ingredients, so that they give your hands the magic and power to touch and conquer the world.

At Spell we support the beauty and diversity of every woman and we believe that no woman should sacrifice her beauty. Every woman is unique and has her own personality. She can be intelligent, tender, dynamic but at the same time beautiful, special, each with her own difference. We support all women, to express themselves and not hesitate to be beautiful. We support every woman to chase and follow her dreams and express all her inner charm.

Let's bring out the magic that everyone hides inside us and let's embrace our diversity without labels and limitations.

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